Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plein Air in Augusta, Mo.-Fun in the outdoors

These are the paintings that I painted in Augusta, Missouri at the Plein aire event last week. It was wonderful to paint there again and revisit some of the places I painted before and discover new ones. These are only the ones that I think should see the light of day, the rest shall remain a mystery(probably even to me).

The first painting is of a cliff in Klondike Park. This park is not included in the paint out but it is a beautiful park in an old quarry along the river and the Katy Trail. It has so many places that cry out to be painted. There is a lake and beautiful white sandy beaches. Of course the bluffs are amazing also and if you are willing to hike, a expansive view of the Missouri river.

The second painting is a different view of the entrance to Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow. I had several people stop and ask what attracted me to this painting. In truth, it was the light on the concrete culvert. It is always strange to me how we humans seek to channel nature and how nature always wins out in the end.

The third painting is of a church in Augusta, Mo. The red dogwoods against the white building were enchanting and the stained glass windows mimicked the colors in the trees. I painted there with about four other artists and it is wonderful to see our different versions of the scene.

The fourth painting is of the old farm across from Balducci winery. This painting was done done during the sunset paint sponsored by the winery. I paint this view every year and it is amazing how it changes but remains the same. The light in the sky was so subtle. This view does not get the brilliant reds and oranges of the main sunset but more the "left overs" of the sunset.

The fifth painting was painted at Blumenhof also. This is the view of the creek which runs along side of the entrance to the winery. The foliage was such a brilliant green along the creek and the sun lit it up like it was on fire. I tried to capture the feeling that I had while standing there and looking at such brilliant beauty.

Hope you enjoy these paintings and if you would like to purchase any of these just contact me through facebook or my website at

Happy Mother's day everyone. Giving art, especially the ones created in plein aire, is a wonderful way to sustain our view of nature which can often times disappear forever after we capture it on canvas.