Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well, I am starting a new venture soon and excitement is running high for me.  I have negotiated a new space for a gallery.  My studio will also be housed there.  I am just in the planning stages.  There is sooooo much to do and get done.

The first step was negotiating the lease and terms.  That was a fairly easy task but a little tricky since my hubby owns the building that I want to lease.  But having gotten through that hurdle, I have been making lists of the required remodeling that will need to be done to turn the space into an art gallery.  It is actually the part I like best.  We have walls to move, paint, trim and flooring to install, signs to be made, a walker system and lighting to be installed.  The list gets bigger and bigger.  There is also outside work to be done. Some sprucing up of the facade and some new plantings.

There is also the name of the gallery to consider.  This has to be researched to ensure one does not currently exist with that name.  City licensing and state have to be dealt with in addition to all the other stuff.

Plans for the gallery exhibits, classes, openings, artists, etc. have to be laid out and formalized.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  I take possession of the new space on November 1, 2012.  The first thing that needs to be done is the cleaning and remodeling.  In the front gallery space, we are taking a dividing wall half way down to open up the room and let in more light thru the space.  This half wall will also divide the gallery space from my studio space.  We have to lay new flooring and tie it in with the existing flooring and of course, paint all the walls and trim.  I also need to have a store front door storm door installed on the entrance door.

This is just the first in a series of posts about the new gallery.  Stay tuned-
Busy and happy working away on new gallery plans,
Jennylynne Gragg

the new gallery space will be at 1100 NE Delta School Rd., Lee's Summit, Mo. 64064