Saturday, February 16, 2013

We are humming along again on the The Art Cottage.  Hubby knee injury is feeling better so we are going to try and lay the new carpet on the stairs this weekend.  We are also going to decide on the hallway trim-whether to do new or keep part of the existing and just add new where needed. ARGH-I hate all these design decisions-like the doing better.  We may also get to the flooring in the hall but not setting the pressure to high for now.

We got all our paperwork back from the State of Missouri and are halfway to getting the City of Lee's Summit on board.  Still a little work to do in that department, but hopefully will get there soon.  In the meantime, my studio is open by appointment only. Just give me a call and I'll give you the five cent tour:)

I have started a new portrait and am very excited about it so I'll be posting the progress pics from time to time.  It is hard to juggle care giving duties, gallery remodel and my art work but somehow it is all getting done.  I am learning patience and that the world will not stop if something doesn't get done right away.

I have been working on the garden design for the front of the cottage and it is almost complete-on paper at least.  I love designing gardens and this one is so fun because it is a themed garden.  We are going to have lots of perennials and roses.  I have designed a new porch idea and can't wait to get that put together and up along with the new railing system that will line the sidewalk.

Hope you have a great day,
Happy Painting,