Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogging again-our new rescue, Piper

I am going to be sharing our journey with Piper.  She is a chihuahua mix with some of the worst issues we have encountered in our years of rescuing.

She came to us with an injured eye that had never been taken care of and eventually needed to be removed.  She also is a highly reactive dog and has required ongoing behavior treatment.  She is also a wonderfully beautiful dog.  We call her our 7 pound German Shepard.

Some of her issues we will be talking about are her health issues, resource guarding, reactivity and her issue with men.

We hope you will follow our journey so that you will consider adopting a dog that may not be "perfect" but well worth the effort of saving.

Piper and I will talk to you soon,
Jennylynne and Piper