Thursday, August 29, 2013

Commissions and other stuff

Well, things have been humming along in the studio.  I still have a lot of stuff to transfer from the old studio but it is coming along swimmingly.  Still have not ordered my new chairs yet, but plan to do that this week.

The studio is organized enough for me to start painting again.  Which, since I currently have four commissions to get done, is a great blessing.  I have several pet portraits to get done, so I am starting on them first.  I am using pastels because I love the way that they make fur look.  I am also using the velour paper for the same reason.  Velour can be tricky to work on since it is not as forgiving as other papers.  Once you make a mark on the velour, you need to be committed to that mark.  It also doesn't hold as much pastel and so needs to be put on with a little lighter touch.  I usually bang the heck out of my works to get rid of any excess pastel dust so that is not a problem.  Other than my neighbors think I've lost my marbles when I'm outside banging the backs of my work against the porch supports.

I have not done pastels in a couple of years because I have been devoting any painting time I had to portraits and landscapes in oil.  It has been an interesting journey back to them.  I need to move my air cleaning filter up to the studio soon.  The pastel dust can be a little hazardous if you don't have an air filter system.

I have also been incorporating using my IPad to work from for the photo reference.  It is much lighter than my computer monitor or my laptop.  Thus, I can have it closer to my work area, 

I'll post some pics of the new doggy painting next week. 

Have a great day and Happy Painting,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Working on a home studio space

Well, the studio space is coming along.  The main decisions have been made and I am off and running with the plan.

I am going to share some of the planning process that went into my new space with you.  First I measured the area and planned on paper how best to use the space.  My new studio is in our second master bedroom space so it is a nice size room with ample closet space.  It also is next to additional walk in attic space for additional storage.  It has running water, a toliet and even a shower(just in case I get a little carried away with my creating).  What it didn't have was good lighting.  The only window is huge but faces east.  Morning light is great but once the sun is on the other side of the house, it is a little dark.  So, I have had to compensate with additional lighting using lamps and spots.

It also has a hallway that connects the bathroom with the bedroom space.  I have a cold air return on that wall, so was limited in what furniture could go in that area.  Luckily, my favorite cabinet fit just perfect which also provides me additional storage.(do you see a theme emerging here?).  It has a lovely linen closet in that area which now holds my reference photos , small canvases, pastel papers and drawing sketch books.

Just beyond that space is a walk in closet with great shelving and drawer space.  I have allocated additional photo space, office supplies and storage of my larger canvases and pastel papers to this area.  Beyond that closet is the attic space where there are more shelves for storing my frames, glass and finished paintings.

In the main area of the room, I have my easels, my glass top desk(I use this for my palette), an additional porcelain top table for my computer and framing and a matching cabinet next to that for all the gamsol, pastels, etc.  On the other side of the room, I have a large three piece book case which will hold my books, still life things I use and just stuff I like.  I also have a glass cabinet with mementoes and things that make me happy.  Also included in the room, are two doggy beds and their water bowl.

I plan on purchasing two chairs for the space.  One recliner and one with an ottoman for resting and reading my art books, having visitors or just napping after a hard days slog.

Well, that's it for now.  I'll be posting pics soon.  So stay tuned,