Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mystic Road-New Studio Painting

Every once in awhile, I try on someone else's shoes. In this case, it is the start of the new studio paining. The initial drawing was done in burnt siena and just enough to work out a few issues. Sometimes when you've been painting for awhile, it is nice to get out of your own skin and try something new. Usually, I do a full value study under my paintings but in this case, I decided to try something new which I watched a fellow artist due for a plein aire painting. It did speed up my "getting to the painting" quicker but I found that I do miss the map I get with a full value study. So, I will probably keep the full value drawing phase(even in plein aire), but maybe do a smaller study size and try this quick way under the actual painting. I'll keep you posted.

This road is like many roads in Missouri. The foliage during late spring and early summer almost masks out the sun and it is filtered through little breaks in the trees and also reflected from where the sun hits the leaves. This is a composite from one of my favorite roads in Augusta, Missouri and also one of my favorite paths in Lake Jacomo Park. This is a really great way to get the best of both paths in the studio,something I can't do when plein aire painting.

Hope you enjoy the painting and the new adventure in my studio.

Happy Painting!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PFC Bentz III, KIA 6/20/07

The painting of this fallen soldier is on our website at The Grateful Hearts Project does portraits for free for the families of fallen soldiers. Just go to the website and check out the Gallery of Heroes in the Works category.

If you know of a family that would like to have a portrait of their fallen soldier, just have them contact us thru the website. The artists volunteer their time and materials for free and all the framing and shipping is free to them also.

The painting of PFC Bentz was created by Bev Rose and has been shipped to him Mother.

Thanks to all the soldiers and their families who have given the supreme sacrifice that we may live in this wonderful free country.

Jennylynne Grag
Grateful Hearts Project coordinator and artist

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally Finished! Serenity Among the Lillies

Well, it's finally finished. This first attempt at turning a plein aire experience into a studio painitng. It has really been a journey. Thanks to all who gave me input and especially to Donna A. who is always my "third eye"! I am happy with the ending and will now put this on my website at for sale!

It is on to the next,
Happy Painting everyone,