Friday, March 30, 2012

Series:Weeds and other beautiful things

I am currently working on a series of "weeds" paintings.  These are done in plein aire and also from photos that I have taken trough the years.

This is the first of a series of three that are done from a photo taken in 1983 in St. Ignace, Michigan during the monarch butterfly migration from Michigan to Mexico.  The park where we stayed was filled with golenrod and thousands of monarchs.  They landed everywhere!  On the goldenrod, on us, on our camper, and even our little dog Wiggles.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience!

Sometimes, painting from these experiences and photos make a good place to start for inspiration.  Not only do you remember the feelings you had during that experience but also the fun, emotion and location.  This is the starting of the first painting in the series.  I will post my progress and the final painting soon.

Happy Painting,