Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Studios-Which is better-in home or away

Currently, my studio is in my home.  However, started in November 2012, I will have a new off site location.  It is exciting to have a new gallery/studio space but also a little daunting.  It is nice too be able to come down in the middle of the night(when sleep does not come) in your pj's and work in your studio.  However, open studios and classes can present challenges when working from home.

My studio space in home is small and cramped and my storage must compete with the household storage needs and available space.  While there is no additional costs for an in home studio, the distractions can be overwhelming.

A space away from home can be a god-send.  I am looking forward to having such a space again in November and will be posting about it's set up, location and planning as we go along thru the process.  It will also be exciting to have a gallery space, not only for my art, but for artists who I can feature as well.  The space will be much more conducive to classes than the livingroom of my home and I will be able to expand on additional ideas for sharing with other artists and clients.

So heads up and I'll post more soon,

Happy painting!