Thursday, June 24, 2010

Plein Aire in a Blue Springs Garden

These two paintings are studies done in a Blue Springs Garden during the BS Historical Garden Tour. The first is the cloud study I did while watching the impending storm descend upon us. The second painting is a vignette of a little corner of the garden.
These are just two of the paintings done in the garden. The weather was around 90 degrees but there was a great breeze which helped keep me cool. I painted under a nice shade tree on the property. When the storm finally broke in full force, I had packed up most of my equipment the car. Just when the rain came down in buckets, I carried my french easel back to the car where I broke down the legs under the cover of the hatch. My equipment stayed dry but I was soaked on my back and head. Suddenly, the temperature dropped to 68 degrees. Needless to say, I got cooled off quickly. Oh, the joys of painting in plein aire.
Happy painting,

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