Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Student paintings-today's work by the students is awesome

The top two paintings were done by Joyce and the lower painting by Chrissy. They both did great today! Joyce was working on two paintings for an upcoming exhibit at Advanced Surgical in Lee's Summit, Mo. Joyce has decided that she does better under pressure, at least as far as completing paintings in a timely manner is concerned. I must agree. She has finished three this week alone-GO JOYCE!
Chrissy has been working on getting faster from concept to finished painting. She will need these skills to make her a faster plein aire painter. Today, she took a painting from idea, to concept, to drawing to completion in around two-three hours. Well, done Chrissy! I think she is ready for our Augusta Missouri plein aire trip coming up at the end of April.
These two students have been with me the longest and are really coming into their own as artists. I am so proud of both of them. Great work today gals.
See you next week in class for more fun and games-
Happy Painting,

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