Thursday, September 5, 2013

Four paintings at once-Whoa-how did that happen

Oft times, I wonder what is really going thru my mind.  Have you ever had that thought?  Well, it enters my mind quite frequently.  I tend to overachieve on multiple levels.  Like now-I currently have four paintings going at one time in my studio.  There is the one I'm working on today which is on the easel.  Then there is the one just hanging out up against the wall with it's back to me, waiting patiently for me to decide if it's finished. Then there is the sketch on my table which is taking on a life of it's own waiting for me to decide if it is ready to become a painting.  Then there is the one that I have a commission for that needs to probably be the one on the easel rather than the one currently there.

Then, there is my blog and the need to figure out how to upload my photos from my IPad, since Google has changed their way of doing things.

Oh, and then there is the wall in the basement needing its final coat of paint and the ceiling in the half bath waiting for its skim coat and final paint coat.

I think most artist(well maybe everyone in business) feels this way at times.  Like you have forty million balls you are juggling and hoping you still have the skills to keep them all in the air. LOL

Well, it is just another day in the life of an artist.  I will upload the photos of the puppy as soon as I figure out how.

Till then,
Happy Painting,

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