Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buddy update!

Buddy is doing good. He had a little setback when we changed locations. We moved in with my Mom to help after her fall and he is finding it difficult to adjust to the new digs. He has discovered a new game(which we are currently trying to help him find another choice). I walked into our bedroom to find toliet paper strewn all over with a trail leading back to the bathroom. He had taking the piece hanging down that he could reach and started creating his own form of teepeeing. Needless to say-we were not amused!

His potty training is still on track-at least with the wet part. The more solid part is still an issue now and then. When he gets stressd, he leaves a little present for us-even if he has just been outside to do "his business". We are working on this!

I am trying to leave him with "puppy sitters" because he is getting way to focused on me and freaks whenever he can't see me or find me. My son watched him one day last week and said that he first started whimpering when he figured out I had gone then raised his head and started howling. Anyone with suggestions on how to help him with his seperation anxiety would be greatly appreciated.
All for now.
Buddy and Jennylynne

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