Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Update on Buddy, the puppy mill rescue

This is Buddy sharing our Princess Miko's pink bed. Obviously Buddy has no issues with his manhood.(even after being neutered) They have become fast friends and she has helped him greatly in learning how to be a pet. We have discovered that when we want Buddy to learn something showing him how Miko does it seems to really help. He is doing great with his house training-only one accident in months. He runs in circles and then to the door when he needs to go outside.

He still has some eccentric behaviours but they are really cute. He still runs around bringing me items that he finds interesting-like shoes, clothing, paper, etc. He doesn't chew anything just brings them to us. He also plays hide and seek with me. I will hide around the corner then come look for me when I call his name. He even came into the kitchen and sat under the table the other day, instead of hiding in his crate ,when some family came over for lunch. He is now taking treats out of my husband's hand. We still have not found a way to teach him other commands like sit, down, etc. But we are still trying different things to enhance his learning experience in a positive way. One of the things we are trying is to say the command when he actually does it on his own. (this might take a long time but I have patience).

He walks well on a leash now. He and I take walks in the park and he is no longer afraid of the geese and ducks-people, however, are still an issue. I am still using two leashes-one on his halter and one on his collar-when we walk out of our comfort zone(the yard). When he gets freaked, he still trys to run and he is quite the houdini when stressed!

That's all for now,
Jennylynne and Buddy

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