Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buddy loses some of his privleges

Well, Buddy is evolving into a regular little happy dog and leaving his puppy mill status behind. Buddy is getting too attached to me and therefore getting a little protective. We consulted our vet and she made the suggestion that Buddy's bed privleges are suspended for now. He has been growling at Michael when he pets him while Buddy is on the bed-so for now-he will have to stay off the bed and in his own little bed. After two months, we will try to let him back on the bed with us. However, if he growls or snaps at Michael after that he will again be denied this special privlege. We are also going to have Michael start feeding him at least every other day so he knows that Michael is also a giver of all things good.

Buddy is also a little grumpy in the mornings so since Michael always walks him first thing in the morning, Michael will start giving him a treat to wake him up, a treat when he lets him put his halter on, and a treat when he comes back from his walk and lets Mike take off his leash and little red coat and does not growl.

It is always a learning experience for our little guy. His five years of puppy mill and lack of socialization leaves him with no regular benchmarks of behavior that regular dogs get from birth, but he is doing amazing and with patience he will be great.

At the vets suggestion, we are going to take the top off his crate so when he retreats to his crate and we need to get him out to walk, eat, etc., we will not be pulling him out like they must have done in his previous circumstance. With the top off, he will still have his own space, but we will be picking him up from above instead of pulling him out the door. He still needs to feel that he has a space to retreat to when he feels unsure but he also needs to start knowing that human contact is not a bad thing.

I hope that by continuing to blog about Buddy, we will encourage others to give these great dogs a chance at a normal life.
Jennylynne and Buddy

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