Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lessons-Pastel with underpainting in Oil

I have been asked by students and some fellow artists to show my process of underpainting with oils for pastels. So here is the start-

The first image is the underpainting itself. I thin the oils down with Gamsol and fill in where I want to with the colors I've chosen. In this case I wanted to pump up the blues and oranges which will be in the final painting.

Image 2 is done after the oil underpainting has dried. This only takes a few minutes especially when painting in plein air. I am starting to lay in my darks.

Image 3 is adding the colors that I will work with to the end of the painting. I have decided to leave the sky pretty much as the underpainting with just a few touches of pastel to enhance what is already there.

Image 4 is pretty much the final but I still may go back and add more color to the trees or perhaps define them more. At this stage, I usually let the painting sit with it's back to me for a couple of days and then take a look to see if there is something I want to add or change.

I'll post the final when it gets to that stage.

Feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions,
Happy painting,

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