Thursday, September 23, 2010

New student paintings-Have a look they're GREAT!

The first painting is Chrissy's. She worked from a photograph she had taken back east on the coast. The photo itself had some issues as all photos do. However, we've been working on making good decisions and really planning their paintings. Photos lie and you have to be aware of that when working from them. It helps if you are working from photos you have taken and places you have actually been. Your memory kicks in and helps you fill in the blanks that the photo doesn't capture. I had her start by doing several thumbnails to narrow down her plan and composition. Then I had her visualize her color pallette and actually work up a chart using those colors. then, with her plan in place, she was able to do this painting and she did a great job!
Joyce, on the other hand, is working on the same lesson about working from a photo but hers is still a work in progress. However, the abstract that is here is one we worked on from a landsacpe painting that failed. We looked at it from different angles to see if it could be saved. Well, by turning it sideways and looking at the beautiful melding of colors that she had going on, she was able to turn a failed landscape into a wonderful abstract painting. Loved the little gold touches which just make this painting pop!
Way to go girls-you really rocked it this week in class! I am so proud of you and couldn't wait to share your successes.
Happy painting, everyone,

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