Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collaboration on a painting

While in Augusta, Mo. at the cabin this year, we all decided to collaborate on a painting for the owners of the 1870's cabin we stay at every year. I had never tried acrylics and neither had Chrissy. With Erlene's encouragement and guidance, we all worked on the painting while sitting on the cabin porch. The sun, which had been elusive, was shinning brightly and the weather was beautiful. Chrissy painted in the sky, I did the trees and foreground and Erlene did the cabin. Then I framed it and we all signed it.
Bob and Judy loved it and were very touched that we had done this for them and the cabin. We all had input into it's design and how we should approach our subject. We tried to keep in style with other decor of the cabin. Judy and Bob have done a wonderful job of decorating the cabin and making it look like someone has owned it and been there for years. It is a wonderful mix of the old and new.
If anyone is looking for a quiet place to chill out and relax, the cabin is the place. They offer it for romantic getaways, friends or family reunions, and much more. The cabin can accomodate up to four people, three comfortably. I think it would be a great place for sisters to go and re-connect. (hint to all my sisters-sorry brother.)
To find out more about the cabin just google "Critter Cottage" in Marthasville, Mo. Bob and Judy would love to have you.
Thanks Judy and Bob, cant' wait till next year!
Jennylynne Gragg

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