Saturday, May 15, 2010

New oil painting from Augusta

This painting was done from a photo that I had taken in Augusta, Mo. just down from our cabin. I laid in a monochromatic value sketch and then painted over that in an alla prima style. I put a time constraint on the painting process just like I would have when painting this scene outside on location.
This is good practice for those rainy days when painting outside is more of a challenge than you want to endure. I also worked on a new surface that I had not tried before. Jury is still out on the surface!
The photo is a little different in color than the actual painting. I took the photo just using the track lighting from the studio and not my usual photo set up. But, I'll take another photo later under better conditions later.
Fun day at the studio-finished a cat portrait commission(first one in oil since I started painting in oil again). Did this little painting and drew out my next project on the canvas. Rainy days can be productive afterall!

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