Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New photo of Around the Bend

The first photo is the new photo that I took yesterday under the correct lighting. When taking photos of my work I try to either take them outside on a cloudy or overcast day with direct lighting or in my dark room in my studio. The studio situation works much better since I can control the lighting. I use two Ott lights set up at 45 degree angles to the painting so that the light is even across the surface. I also put the painting in my black box set up to take out all distracting colors from the room. The camera is set up with the lens in the middle of the painting and I make sure the tripod(which the camera is on) is level. I also have a setting on my camera that will take successive photos of either 3 or 7 while changing the apperture and fstops. This gives you a better chance of getting the colors to be real.
Hope this helps, you can definetly see the difference. The second picture, with all the golds, was taken under regular incandescent lighting in the studio.
There are of course other options for taking photos of paintings, this is just mine.
Happy painting,

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