Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blue Springs Garden Tour Painting

Well, I decided to continue my "larger format" experience in the "real world". I have been having fun with the larger formats in my studio and decided that I needed to try and capture that same feel and size in plein aire. I was inspired by Zak Barnes and Guido Frick who paint on large canvases outside.
It was quite a learning experience! For one thing, the larger format acts like a sail in windy conditions, which we had on Saturday. So, I bungee corded everything. Even then, I still had to, at times, hang onto the side of the canvas to keep it blowing into the lake. The other thing I had to remember was that larger canvases take MORE PAINT! After I ran out of a mixer that I loved twice, I really laid out the paint to avoid that problem. We were also painting in pretty much full sun as the umbrella refused to stay in place and after retrieving it from the water's edge, I gave up on that venture. Also painting larger requires more time-a lot more time. The smaller formats in plein aire I can usually whip out in a couple hours but this larger format takes a lot more time-thus the sunburn.(note to self reapply sunburn creme more often!!!!!!!) Other than those couple of issues, the process is basically the same.
I also decided that I need to expand my vision. So, this is the first structures done in plein aire also. It was just a huge day of "firsts". I am happy overall with the results. I may tweak it back in the studio and see if it can be fine tuned. Really though, the vision I had for the painting was pretty much completed on site. This is something I will definitely try again. I had a ball, even with the wind and sun issues.
So keep your seats for more to come-
En Plein Aire,

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