Friday, June 24, 2011

Studio Painting-coming into its own

This is the painting as of last night. I decided to leave the grasses on the right, the rocks and the space above the rocks. I added the lily pads, refined the plant on the left and added back in some darker water on the left above the lily pads and plant. At this point, I have decided to turn the painting to the wall and let it marinate for awhile. I have enjoyed the process of "going bigger" and am moving on to another painting based on the lakes, ponds and golf course where I live.

All my bigger paintings will be going to the Lakewood Golf Club for my exhibit there in August and September-more on that later.

Also, I will be painting at 804 SW 15th, Oak Grove, Mo. this Saturday from 9am to 4pm during the Blue Springs Garden Tour. The garden I am painting in has 11 gardens and a small lake. As I love water, this just seemed the perfect spot for me. Chrissy, my daughter-in-law and student, will be joining me on this adventure. After the morning rain, it should be a fun day. So come on out and say hi!

Happy Painting and Collecting,


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