Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Direction-From Plein aire to Studio-Going Bigger

I am starting a new painting which is a little (okay a lot) different for me. I am using a plein aire painting and reference photos to create a larger studio painting. I will be posting my progress into this new journey of unknown. I have long wanted to go "BIGGER" but always been a little reluctant. Not sure entirely why but probably just time, money and FEAR! I have finally decided that this will afford me an opportunity to expand my market and hopefully expand my collectors in the process. Plus-let's face it-it's just FUN!

I also want to encourage my students to expand their horizons and lunge forward into the unknown. I have discovered that a few things are evident-like more expensive canvases, more paint(definitely using my limited palette range), more time(but this is actually a plus by not feeling "rushed" to finish like when I do plein aire), and I can paint at 3am if I chose in relative comfort-even in my pj's if I chose.(not really an option in plein aire).

So, here goes-
Hope you grab a chair and join me on this journey-

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