Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buddy at doggy obedience class-2nd week

Buddy is learning how to be a dog/companion. The two top photos are of Buddy in my art studio,where he and I hang out the most. Miko, our other Shih Tsu hangs out there with him. She has really been more active and doesn't spend all her time in the closet since Buddy came. Buddy is helping her,and all of us, get over the loss of our precious Wizzy.
The third photo is of Buddy walking on his leash. He spent almost the whole class out from under my chair-huge improvement. He walked on a leash around the whole area with all the other dogs and their owners. Yeah! His tail is much more often up than down now. I am having other family members walk him also so he doesn't stay so focused on me and can begin to enjoy the company of other humans. We try and introduce people slowly to him so he doesn't get overwhelmed.
We gave him a bath yesterday and he did really well with that. He is also now taking treats from my hand and sometimes from other people's hands too. He still prefers it to be quiet but we are working on that. Our short term goal is to get him to take treats even with distractions-he will need to do this for class learning. Baby steps!
Jennylynne and Buddy

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