Saturday, August 22, 2009

Buddy's Variation of playing

Well, last night we discovered a whole new side of Buddy. He has been watching Scooter and Miko playing and interacting with we humans. He seems to absorb the dog skills from them like a sponge.
Last night, as I was sitting reading in bed, he came dragging one of my boots that he had gotten out of my closet over to the rug beside my side of the bed. He dropped it on the rug and wagged his tail so hard, he lost his balance. I told him "thank you" and put it up on the bed for returning to the closet later. He disappeared again and returned with one of my slippers. Again he dropped it, wagged his tail and I put the new item on the bed. This went on for about four different shoes, all mine, as he re-invented the "fetch" game.
I finally went to put back the shoes and discovered that he had quite a stash in the corner of the closet. There I found the ink pens, phone cover, and various other items that had disappeared from our night stands. None had been chewed on just left there for safe keeping by our little Buddy. We're going to work on teaching him how to play the fetch AND RETURN game, though in his mind this game is working well as it is.

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