Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teaching Buddy that "touch " is a good thing

Well, Buddy and I are trying a new approach to his fear of people. I offer him my fingers in front of me and if he touches them, I say "touch" and give him a treat. This way I hope to encourage him to see that not all humans that move forward towards him just do bad things to him. We have also started having other families members put treats on the floor and put them closer and closer to them if he follows the "treat trail". Our goal is for him to actually take treats out of other human hands besides mine.

His potty training is going great! No accidents in the house this week at all. He now starts pacing and goes to the door to let me know that he needs outside. I still crate him when I'm going to be gone. I think that the other animals have helped him in his potty training accomplishment.

He also ventures out of the studio every once in awhile on his own to explore. Even when I'm not going with him. I still leave his leash on his halter as he is still hard to catch when he gets scared and starts to run, but he is now off the leash more and more in the studio.

We are hoping for another great training session tomorrow night where he stays out from under the chair like last session. I'm hoping that he will also feel comfortable enough to take treats during the class even with all the distractions.
Baby steps!
Jennylynne and Buddy

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