Friday, August 28, 2009

Buddy's Love/Hate Relationship with the Vet

Buddy is becoming quite the little social butterfly-however-he does have some limitations when collecting his "friends". His foot got something imbedded in it and rose up like a giant balloon. Of course, this meant a trip to the vet. He already had a follow-up appointment to recheck his ears. (He had polyps/papillomas, calcification and infections from years of neglect at the puppy mill.) So, we had the vet look at his foot also. She had to lance the interdigital ruptured abscess, clip and scrub his foot and flush the wound. When he first got home from the vet, he was not happy and let everyone know it with a low growl. I was not home at the time since I had an emergency with my Mom and my husband had taken him to the vet. My son told me about the "leave me alone behavior" when I got home. I however, didn't experience any of this as when I got there Buddy wagged his tail, gave me kisses(something new in his behavior) and acted like I was Queen.(which of course in his world, I am)

He is now running around all happy and obviously in much less pain. I think he did really good for having all this stuff done to him. After dinner, a walk outside to do his business and a drink of water, he settled in beside me on my bed and promptly went to sleep. He loves to sleep on the bed on my side but can't quite jump up so when I'm not available, he goes into my son's room and whines. Then when he follows, Buddy runs around to my side of the bed and puts his paws on the bed-like"okay, help me up". This is Buddy's new favorite routine. I think he's been watching our spoiled little "Princess Miko" too much. Miko our 14 year old Shih tsu won't even go up stairs without being carried by my husband(her personal servant). I have informed Buddy-IT AIN"T HAPPENING-there can only be one diva in the pack and that position has already been taken.

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