Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buddy, the WIP

In art, WIP means a work in progress. That applies to my little Buddy too. We seem to take four steps forward and two back, but we hang in there. He was taking treats out of my hands(which is crucial to doggy training) but then he was distracted when we tried to do it around other family members and animals. So now we are back to laying the treats on the floor in a pattern which he will eat very close to me but not out of my hand, even if he is hungry.(like before breakfast or dinner) He however, is great at going outside to do his business-he has that trick down pat!
Today, we go for our first grooming experience with our groomer. This is an unknown as the only other time he was groomed was by the rescue group when they had to shave him because of all the matted hair after years of neglect by the breeder. We'll keep you posted on how this goes. Also, we have our second doggy class tonight. Our goal tonight is to just spend most of our time out from underneath the chair. Baby steps!
Jennylynne and Buddy

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