Monday, August 3, 2009

Holyfield Winery Plein Aire Painting

I spent the afternoon at Holyfield Winery Saturday painting in plein aire(my favorite thing to do). This is the painting I completed that day. I know, why a pond at a winery? Well, there were wonderful views to paint everywhere-grapes, grape vines, an apple orchard, wine barrels, beautiful skies but I am always drawn to the water. I love painting water, all kinds, rushing-still-cascading-it all intrigues me. This pond had algae completely covering the surface of the pond. There was a lone tree growing out of the water and casting wonderful shadows across the pond's surface. The painting took me about 2 hours and seemed to just "paint itself". I also did a couple more paintings there which I will post in a later post.
Also, for those who are following Buddy's journey. He is doing great. I get tail wags every time he sees me and he is asking to be let out to "do his business". This morning he even stood still while I put his leash on and didn't try to exit the situation. He ran to me after he did his stuff with his little tail wagging to beat the band and ran right to me for pets and praise. He loves being outside and since our yard is fenced securely, we allow him freedom but still with his halter and leash attached just in case something were to spook him and we would need to try and catch him. He's really fast when he wants to elude you.

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