Friday, July 31, 2009

Buddy gives me a heartattack!

Well, I learned a valuable lesson today. Buddy is doing remarkably well but I on the other hand got a little too cocky about his progress and let my guard down. We had a productive treat training session this morning and so I took Buddy with me to the bank and some errands in the car. When we got back, his halter was too tight so I took it off and attached the leash to his collar. I closed the garage door(thank the Lord) and put him on the floor still holding his leash. When we got to the stairs leading up to the kitchen, he balked(must have been a different feel and look than the stairs in the house he has conquered) well, he pulled right out of his collar and the result was his panicking and running all over the garage and basement with me in hot pursuit. I finally got calmed down(one of us had too) and he finally came close enough for me to get him under control. Note to self-despite progress-we are not ready for the big time so back goes the harness and the leash. Oh did I mention he is asking to go outside to do his business now? Progress comes in small rewards but they are sooooo worth it.
Jennylynne and Buddy

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