Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buddy's Big Day-Doggy Obediance Class Begins

Well, we survived another night. Buddy once again slept on our bed with us. Once he settles in he is gone for the night-it's nice to know that he feels secure enough to sleep peacefully. Tiger,you remember him-the alpha momma's boy, he is still having a little issue with sharing the bed with Buddy but he is getting over it.
Buddy didn't eat last night-I think his tummy is still adjusting to the new food. We have him on Science Diet. He ate a little grass last night while on his walk-hope he's not a vegetarian!
This morning though he went over to the counter in my studio where I keep his food and stood by his food bowl. So I put a little in and he ate it no problem. He didn't even have to have Simba, his cat pal, taste it first. Guess he now trusts that we are not trying to poison him.
After he ate breakfast he went to the back door and stood-I'm reluctant to get too excited that he really knew he was trying to tell me he needed out-but out we went and he did his business. YEAH!!!
Tonight is a big deal for Buddy-we are going to doggy obedience class with Scooter and Mickey. I fed him lightly this morning so hopefully he will take treats at the class. It will be a little difficult to train him as he is totally not food motivated. Al,the trainer, said to not feed him much today in hopes that that will spark his wanting the treats. We are also going to have to find something really smelling to tempt his taste buds. Our two successful choices so far are salami and chicken-so that's what we are going to try.
We'll let you know how the class goes.

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