Monday, July 27, 2009

Buddy's trip to the Vet

This is Buddy. It's Monday, his second full day in a home. Buddy slept peacefully in his crate last night. When he heard Mike get up to get ready for work, he waited patiently for him to come take him out for his walk. We have to open the crate and wait for a few minutes for him to venture out on his own. We do this so he will feel comfortable leaving his safe haven on his own rather than us having to force him out. Then he layed down for Mike to put on his leash and carry him outside for his morning walk.
He did his business and Mike brought him back into the bedroom. I was up and ready to go down to the studio so he followed my down his now conquered stairs into the studio.
We had a vet appointment this morning. Miko went with us to the vet for support. I took his crate so he would feel safe. At the vet, we had to wait for the doctor but Buddy did pretty good. When we were in the vet office, they had to wait until Buddy was ready to come out. They checked his heart, ears, took a fecal sample, and did just an overall health check. His ears were full of gook and have some calcifiation in them from years of neglected grooming. They also had a yeast infection. Dr. Dyer put medicine in them and we will re-check them in about two weeks. His teeth were ground down and he has some missing many incisors but otherwise his mouth looked good. The pads of his feet are swollen and he has chronic interdigital space of foot bronzing from his years in a wire cage. He has chronic changes in vertical and horizontal canals with his left ear thicker than the right and thick brown wax impaction with hair but the meds will hopefully help that condition. He did really well and as always is submissive waiting for the next trama.
So, that is our day so far-Buddy and I will write more later.

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