Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 3-Taos, New Mexico

We had a real treat on Wednesday, Day 3. We were taken to Walt Gonske's studio/home to paint in his garden. I painted his view towards the mountains and also a view of his gateway into his garden. He was such a generous host. We all painted till noon and then he took us on a tour of his studio-HEAVEN! He had several of his paintings hanging there along with paintings from other artists. I had the pleasure of seeing Laura Robb's still lifes in person. The pictures of her paintings do not do them justice. They are absolutely stunning in person, as are Walt's. To be so completely immersed in your living space and your art must truly be a blessing. We also got a tour of his famous "paintmobile"(pictured above). He can go out on location and paint from the windows that are eye-level while out of the elements. I have already told my husband that I see one of those in my future.(Lord knows how many brownies that's going cost me-I better get the oven fired up now.)
The painting that I painted of his view is shown above, along with a photo of the view and a photo of his paintmobile.

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