Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 5-Taos

Today we went back to Arroyo Hondo and the Rio Grande Gorge. It was a lovely day and it was exciting to see and hear the rafters going down the whitewater. I don't know whether the rain made the river flow faster but the rafters were certainly yelling louder. It was interesting to watch them ride up the wave and then tumble down-they all seemed to be having a great time.

I again tackled the stream that ran down into the Rio Grande thru the valley. I love painting water-all kinds of water. I find immense interest in the way water behaves. Whether it is a quiet pond, a lake lapping against the shoreline or in this case, a rushing torrent.

I have really been working on my contrasts in my paintings. Trying to keep it simple and more vibrant in value, contrast and focal point. I think that all artists, no matter what their status in the art world, need to keep learning and growing and perfecting. Not only does it make us better artist but it keeps our skills and style ever evolving for ourselves and our collectors.

The afternoon was spent with final critiques and life lessons.

Mike and I took a drive up through the Ski Basin area. It was so beautiful!

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