Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Buddy and I went to the committee meeting today at Summit Art and met some new friends. He was really good and stayed quiet for the whole meeting. I let him come out at the end to meet Tom, Ramon, and Carole. He was shy but did allow Tom to pet him under his chin. It was a good opportunity to tell more people about the puppy mill abuse and the plight of not only Buddy but others like him.
Then we went to pick up my nephew and back home for a day of new and exciting things to learn and experience. We are all still sitting on the floor as Buddy gets a little freaked out by new people towering above him.
Everytime I leave the studio when I come back I get a huge tail wag. It's just awesome.
He is not eating tonight. His tummy is growling and rumbling. He is still adjusting to the new food. We are still trying to figure out what will tempt him as far as treats to use in his class tomorrow night. He is totally not food motivated-should be interesting.

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