Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Cove in Springtime

The "Cove in Springtime" is a pastel that I started in the field earlier this spring when the redbuds were blooming. This is a cove I have painted many times and is one of favorite places at Lake Jacomo. It was a little overcast that day but the sun would peek thru in spots and deliver these delicious streams of light. It was hard to decide which direction to paint. I had forgotten about the painting until I found a photo of it in my old camera. Finally, I found the actual painting in a stack that had made its way to the back of my cubby. Since I paint almost everyday outside, it is sometimes easy to lose track of the plein aire works in my studio. Finding this painting brought back wonderful memories of the day and the season. It was enjoyable to finish the painting and remember the day. We had a glorious spring this year. Hope you enjoy and remember the spring too.

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