Monday, July 27, 2009

A new day for Buddy

Well, we came back from the vet and I lay down on the floor in my studio with Buddy curling up about six inches from me. He has gone to the potty outside all day. I make sure that I praise him and call him "good boy" when he does this. After our nap, I worked on my painting for the CF foundation fundraiser and Buddy slept on the rug under my easel. Tiger, our cat with the M on his forehead for "Momma's Boy" is having a few issues with the spreading around of attention going on. Hopefully he will get over it.

Buddy and I started some laundry-which sent him back to his crate in the studio. By the third load, he was out again and by my side. I guess he figures that if it's okay with me and I survive that he will too.

We can't get over the change in Miko-she has not been to the closet once. She also is only sleeping until 10am, as opposed to the all day sleeping she was doing after Wizzy died. Her and Buddy share his crate for naps during the day. He still disconnects when confronted with other people or situations-but we are a work in progress.

Right now he is pacing because Mickey is mowing and he's a little freaked out with the new sound. He hasn't touched his food that I just put down for him-might need Simba,the cat, to come show him it's okay and edible again. He'll start eating it if Simba takes a few bites. It's nice to have other furry companions to show him the ropes. Beats we humans having to show him! They do it so much better.

Earlier today, I just had to take a trip to the bathroom. The experience brought back memories of the boys when they were two and couldn't stand to be separated from their Mom by a closed door. Buddy actually wagged his tail at me when I emerged,seems he was happy to see me. We were astonished. What a great compliment he gave me. It's the best "atta girl" I think I've ever received.

Well, Simba worked his magic and Buddy is eating-all is right in our world.

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