Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 3-The Afternoon

We painted in the afternoon at the stream that runs along the road to the Ski Basin. It was a breathtaking area and the stream was running fast with lots of whitewater places. The road runs between the mountains so you don't realize how high you are going till you have a little trouble breathing. I painted a part of the stream with a couple of the small boulders as the light streamed across them. It was a beautiful afternoon full of the sounds of water rushing, birds singing and fellowship. The kind of day that makes you thankful that you paint for a living-what a great job!

In the evening we met back at the hotel for critiques and more sage advice from our mentor, Albert. It is exciting to see what the others have painted and what different views we all capture. Here is Albert explaining about gallaries, the next day's excursion and more pearls of wisdom.

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