Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buddy's First Doggy Class

Lotta and Buddy
Scooter and Mickey
Buddy went to Doggy class with his friend Scooter tonight. Scooter is a great influence as she knows how to sit, down, shake, roll over and crawl already. Her daddy and grandma discovered this by accident and are excited. At first Buddy was really really scared and spent the time under my chair. Slowly he began to come out and sit beside me or in front of me. Everyone was sitting at first but when it came time to stand and start working with their dogs, it was under the chair again. After awhile, he ventured back out. We discuss with Lotta, our trainer, ways to make him more comfortable. He is totally NOT FOOD MOTIVATED so she gave us a way to practice trying to get him to take food from our hand. We will practice this at home this week. For our first night at class we worked on coming out from under mom's chair and walking on our leash around other dogs. This week at home we will work on having people come in and NOT get down on the floor so he can be more comfortable around people. Afterall, we can't expect all our visitors to always get down on the floor. We are also going to work on taking treats from human hands and walking on our leash. That's quite enough for our first class assignment.

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